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About Us

Journey Photo Academy was founded by two photographers passionate about their craft.  After spending years traveling around the world refining their ability to realistically capture moments with astonishing clarity and emotion, they found their way to Washington D.C. 

Here they were disappointed to discover a major gap in the availability of rigorous photography workshops designed to truly inspire and develop growing photographers.  Many of the classes available were either entirely lecture based, or used unstructured, disjointed, and in-field crash course style tours.  Furthermore, these courses were largely reactively driven by student questions.  This approach usually only provides a student with a vague familiarity of key concepts.

Having once been frustrated trying to learn to consistently compose exceptional photos themselves, they aspired to create a more organized course based around known pillars of learning.  Our programs are the result of that endeavor and use a highly structured approach that ensures each student consistently advances in their skill and understanding during the course.

Our Intro to Digital Photography course is designed to introduce a new photographer to key concepts, and provide them with a fundamental understanding of digital photography concepts.  From there the student will be equipped to either continue their learning independently, or to continue onto our Master class.  

Our Master class is designed for both beginner and intermediate photographers.  It is designed to instill mastery of key fundamental photography concepts.  This course is held one day a week for six weeks.  It is a course that requires commitment and dedication to achieve optimal results.  Each course begins with a quiz of last weeks topics, and ends with home exercises.  It is designed to dramatically accelerate your growth as a photographer. 

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