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Our Instructors

Chris Kostolni is a Washington DC based professional photographer specializing in action sports photography, portraits, and landscapes.  His unique style of photography was cultivated during the time he spent living in the Pacific Northwest.  A constant surrounding of flowing rivers, mountains that reach for the sky, and green fields extending into the horizon inspired him to learn to capture these dramatic moments with realistic clarity.  

His love of mountain biking and snowboarding further fueled his creative desires as he spent thousands of hours at mountain resorts witnessing professional sports heroes practice their craft.  After thousands of hours of his own practice, he was hired as a freelance photographer to capture these momentous sporting events.  As he built his reputation he became renowned in their circle and a key part of that world.  

Fast forward, Chris is now an award winning freelance photographer working in Washington DC.  He still spends countless hours at Mountain creek resort capturing professional athletes, as well as regular trips back west for major events such as the X-Games and US downhill biking World Cup.  

Ryan Kostolni is a professional Landscape, lifestyle, and action sports photographer based in Washington D.C.  His ambition and interest in technology originally led him to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering, after which he spent over a decade working for well known tech companies.  


However, during this time his passion for creative expression through photography, extreme sports, and traveling was pushing him in another direction.  For the last ten years Ryan has spent almost every weekend away from the city, usually in a beautiful remote location, mountain biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, rock climbing, or whitewater kayaking.  

Since these weekend trips were almost always located in beautiful outdoor locations, with plenty of action to capture, they provided great opportunities to hone his photography skills.  Through this Ryan developed a reputation as a renowned expert, with a keen ability to capture gorgeous landscapes, split second extreme sports moments, and lifestyle photos.  He soon began selling his work as a freelance photographer and discovered that with dedication, he was able to turn a passion into a career.

Since becoming a professional freelance photographer Ryan has been internationally published and has reached millions of people from all over the world.

Now his goal with photography is to share the amazing places he’s discovered, inspire and teach others what he spent over a decade learning.

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