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Action Photography at Seven Springs Bike Park

Price: $250

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Time & Location

Upcoming Dates:

About The Course

Capturing fast paced action shots requires a unique skill set very different from typical portrait and landscape photography.  This workshop will focus on developing the skills necessary to create lasting images of moments that only exist for a split second.  


This workshop will meet at Seven Springs Resort in Seven Springs, PA.  It will begin with an overview of essential skills, then we will move to the bike park where we will show you how to capture astonishing action shots.  A professional photographer will provide students with expert guidance on how to capture fast moving subjects, control motion blur, and ensure tack sharp focus.  Additionally this workshop will provide studio grade lighting to ensure students leave with professional quality photos.  

This workshop will cover many facets of photography including:

  • Basic digital camera operation (Manual mode)

  • How to setup and use strobes

  • Advanced focus techniques to ensure sharp images

  • Capturing a sense of drama and emotion in your image

  • How to set your camera’s shutter speed to completely freeze motion

  • How to correctly introduce motion blur by combining appropriate shutter speed and panning your camera to convey a sense of action.  

  • How to use a shallow depth of field to emphasize the athlete and reduce distracting elements


This course will teach skills that will be applied to a wide variety of shooting situations.  Mastery of these skills will ensure a student no longer captures blurry or out of focus images.

Recommended equipment:  DSLR or mirrorless camera, a zoom lens preferably 200mm lens, lens hood, extra batteries, extra memory cards, camera manual.

This class is limited to 5 people to ensure our students receive individual attention


Cancellation and refund policy:

  • Full refund available up to 5 days from class start date.  A credit will be issued up to 3 days.  No credit or refund will be issued within 3 days 

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