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Photo Adventure At The Smithsonian National Zoo

Price: $79

Time & Location

Upcoming Dates:

About The Course

Join Journey Photo Academy to prepare for your next safari with a day at the Smithsonian National Zoo photographing lions, owls, monkeys, aquatic life, exotic birds, elephants, pandas and more.  These animals are exciting to photograph and create amazing images as well due to their inherent charm, beautiful colors, and the often realistic habitats of the Smithsonian National Zoo. Learn to create a feeling of intimacy with these animals while eliminating many of the distractions such as cages and glass present in a typical zoo.  

The zoo is an excellent place to learn photography, as it presents a wide variety of challenges.  These include:

  • Tricky, blotchy lighting due to foliage and other obstructions

  • Large distances between the subject and the photographer

  • Moving subjects who don’t always cooperate in having their picture taken

  • Capturing images that appear to be taken in a natural setting

  • Learning to anticipate and capture interesting moments

This course will teach skills that will be applied to a wide variety of shooting situations, such as composition, accurate focus, freezing motion,  exposure settings, lens choice.

Students should have a good understanding of digital camera operation and use of Manual mode.

Recommended equipment:  DLSR or mirrorless camera, a zoom lens preferably 200mm lens or longer, lens hood, extra batteries, extra memory cards, and a camera manual.

This class is limited to 5 people to ensure our students receive individual attention

Cancellation and refund policy:

  •  Full refund available up to 5 days from class start date.  A credit will be issued up to 3 days.  No credit or refund will be issued within 3 days 

  • A credit for a future JPA event or a refund will be issued if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather

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